Water Features

Water Features

We are Northwest Indiana’s Top Water Feature Installer!

Water features not only bring out the aesthetic value of your landscaping, they are a full sensory experience.  The sound of water splashing over a waterfall or the cool touch of dipping a toe in the water can bring a relaxing end to the craziness of everyday life.

If you like to entertain, be prepared for guests to congregate around and compliment your water features.  Whether it is a stream, pondless waterfall or an all-out pond, guests will rave about and marvel over whichever water feature you choose.

We can not say enough positive things about adding a pond to your landscaping.  In all seriousness, in order to get the full effect of the enjoyment a pond brings to your landscaping, you have to experience it.  Words cannot capture the emotions that becoming a “Pond Person” will bring to your life.  A Pond starts out as something nice and pretty that you think will be an excellent addition to your landscaping.  The next thing you know, you are out sitting by your water feature every night, you can name every plant surrounding the pond and you are feeding the fish that you were positive were going to be “too much maintenance” out of your hand.


Contact your area’s only Certified Aquascape Contractor to get started on your dream water feature today!

Do you currently have a water feature in at your home or business?  Does it need some updating, or do you need monthly maintenance?  Then give us a call and our professionals can come out and give you a consult on we can do for you.  (219)756-1350

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Looking to have a water feature installed? Take a look at this video!